All testimonials on this site were unsolicited from former clients — Kevin Russo

“On Thanksgiving, I am going to be thankful for you.”  Middle School Student, Dedham, MA

“Every kid should have you on their side” – Parent, Andover, MA

“Thank you for all you did for me and keep doing for others.” – High School Student, Holliston, MA

“You were a lot more than a Coach to me.” – College Student, New York

“You like your job too much.” – Teenager, Holliston, MA

“You are a true motivator.” – High School Student, Newton, MA

“I could not be happier that my child has chosen such a fine role model.” – Parent, Lexington, MA

“You guys are the best behaviorists in the whole wide world” – Elementary School Student, Sudbury, MA

“You people have done more for my family in a month than anyone has done in years” – Parent, South Shore

“Our family will always be grateful for the assistance you have provided–a second chance” – Parent, South Shore

“If we did not have you in our corner we may have given up a long time ago” – Parent, Central Mass Private School

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