Initial Meeting

An initial consultation is a complete review of documents and a detailed interview with an ARISE clinician. An individualized comprehensive Plan of Action is developed which could include future evaluations, school/work meetings, specialized ABA-based treatment at home and/or other settings, parent training and follow-up and accountability services.


ARISE provides comprehensive evaluations in the areas of Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and psychological testing. Written reports emphasize learning strengths and challenges and provide detailed recommendations. Feedback and follow-up are built into the evaluation process to ensure the findings and recommendations are understood, useful, and effective in developing a long-term action plan.

Staff Training And Professional Consultation

Upon request, we provide professional development workshops and consultation on an ongoing basis. We specialize in the development of behavioral, educational and accommodation (IEP, 504) plans. We develop systems for accountability, and ensure active participation by students, parents, teachers, and other professionals to maximize success for our clients. We provide the same high-quality, ongoing consultations for our adult clients within their work environments.

Treatment Services

ARISE utilizes a diverse set of evidence-based techniques, including positive reinforcement, to develop adaptive change, strategies for increased self-management and organization, social effectiveness, self-advocacy and communication skills for students, families and school… districts. Treatment is offered to individual students and adults, as well as couples and families in a variety of settings. Skill based strategies are suggested for families coping with attention, organization, behavior and learning difficulties. Service providers available at ARISE include Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Social Workers, Psychologist, Adapted Physical Education Teacher, Physical Therapist, Teachers, Tutors, Educational Advocates, Life Coaches and Special Education Teachers.

What Our Clients Say

We love hearing from our former clients – Kevin Russo

  • On Thanksgiving, I am going to be thankful for you.Middle School Student, Dedham, MA
  • Every kid should have you on their side.Parent, Andover, MA
  • Thank you for all you did for me and keep doing for others.High School Student, Holliston, MA
  • You like your job too much.Teenager, Holliston, MA
  • You are a true motivator.High School Student, Newton, MA
  • Our child never would have been accepted to private school without your guidance.Parent, Andover, MA
  • You are the inner circle of my family.Parent, Andover, MA
  • I could not be happier that my child has chosen such a fine role model.Parent, Lexington, MA
  • If we did not have you in our corner, we may have given up a long time ago.Parent, Central Mass Private School
  • Our family will always be grateful for the assistance you have provided–a second chance.Parent, South Shore
  • You guys are the best behaviorists in the whole wide world.Elementary School Student, Sudbury, MA

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